Thursday, September 20, 2012

As I write this, I am listening to the lawn people with the blowers that make a lot of noise. I have been paying attention to how many solicitation calls I get in a day. It brings up the thought of how much violation we start taking for granted. We live in a society where we are accosted with noise and unsolicited calls trying to talk us into doing what another person wants us to do. Many times we give up and just give into the violation, which ends up creating more violation. We may be placing the rights of others over our rights. We may be tired and think that giving it will give us peace faster.

How does it feel to you knowing this is becoming the norm? We accept a lot of noise and intrusive energy into our lives. The less energy you give it, the sooner it stops and goes away. Pay attention to the areas you have become numb to. It is just bringing your awareness of how much of this exists. I find that when charities call me three or four times a day to try and get me to pick up, I stop giving to the charity. The same thing happens with other forms of solicitations. It doesn’t cause me to want to work with the group that uses those techniques. I have asked to be removed from certain lists and it seems to cause that group to call more frequently. How does it affect those of you reading these messages? I find that the energy is more glaring as I work to live a life that is honoring and respectful of all life. It changes my perspectives on much in life. It also makes me more aware of those on different paths.