Sunday, April 21, 2013

When you notice things showing up in various patterns, pay attention to the patterns. Ask what the message is from what is showing up. This pattern may seem like it is showing up to frustrate you but if the same thing happens time and again, there is a message there for you. As you notice the patterns, you can learn what they are trying to tell you. Your life is less frustrating when you are able to do things consciously. Certain things are not coincidence, they are really the Universe giving you a message. Humans get caught up in the rules and regulations that businesses and governments create. Some of the rules can be helpful others are not in alignment with spirit. So, it is up to each to pay attention to the messages you get, as you proceed in your day. There may be an alternative way to proceed so that something complies with the legalities that your societies have created.

It is easy to go into fear with certain things but we caution you not to. The endeavor is to shift into love based ways. So, kindness and compassion will serve you better than anything else in all that you do. This doesn’t mean that people get to take advantage of you. This means that we want all beings to operate from kindness and compassion. You can’t control others. You can only control aspects of yourself.