Saturday, April 13, 2013

Many things go back and forth. People make decisions that alter a course or change and outcome. The laws of the Universe are being rewritten to help people with these changes and you are noticing how the way to make things appear has changed. We are affecting changes from multiple levels and you are all instrumental in this rewriting of time and space.

Focusing on love is a way to help support these changes and this period of growth. This may seem challenging, based on what you see and hear in the news. The outcomes on the human level may vary but the spirit is untouched. Infuse love into each and every situation. This is the most powerful thing that you can do without any attachments. Bring love and light into each moment of each day. You will know how to find your way out of whatever is now taking place. Don’t get caught in what appears to be taking place. What you see is only in appearance and not in truth. You may be asked to be shown truth in all that is.