Sunday, April 28, 2013

Love! Think about this word and this energy. What does real love mean to you? How have you been train to think about love? What is being reflected to you related to love? Do you feel lovable and deserving of love? Do you love yourself? Try bringing love from within you out into the world with no expectation of what will come. Spend some time with the energy and let it emanate from you. Don’t judge others or what you think you are seeing. This assignment is just to be love with no conditions or expectations. Spend some real time with this assignment. You may find it is difficult or it is easy. This is not dependant on anyone else or their reactions. You are doing this for you. Start asking how you would do something, if you truly loved yourself. Start stepping back and ask if you are being loving in your actions and what you are brining out into the world. You are in control of yourself and no one else. Know this and explore this.