Sunday, April 7, 2013

We were asked the question about how this blog had been completed and now we are giving new messages. The energy of the blog has shifted now as new formations take place. What you see in your world is not what is taking place. What you see and how people try to focus your attention is not what we see happening. You are fixed in illusions and beliefs that are the creation of mankind. When you are being readied for your work, you must learn to look beyond what you see in your world as a sense of reality.

To access what is really the focus, you must pay attention to your energy and senses. Use those senses to look beyond what appears. How does the energy feel? You are looking for energy that feels aligned and feels good to you. Don’t get trapped in what your old programming has told you. That is not your reality base. The real reality base is far beyond anything you have been taught to recognize. There are senses beyond the human senses. Source all of your intuitive selves and guidance to help you prepare for what is next. You are ready for what is now to be. If you are frustrated or stressed, you are in the old and not the new. The clues are all around you. Prepare yourselves to live the intuitive way. This will help you move beyond the illusions. It will help you know people for who and what they are without the pretenses. It opens up your telepathic ways. That will remove the veils.