Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I was doing a meditation on hands on healing and some activation of different centers. The information that came through might help some of you.

On hands on healing, what came through was: Touch people with love. You are sending the energy of love into people who are in need of this. Illness and problems come from fear or energy blocks. You must not be scared to touch someone and be with someone. This applies to working with animals or plants. Tune into love before you start any process. You are not judging the person, animal or energy for whatever has been created. You are not trying to fix or change them. You are just touching them with pure and utter love. Much can change, when pure love is made available.

As far as activation of energy centers or whatever else you might want to connect with or affect, you may also use love and see what takes place. There might be some other activation energy and that will reveal itself to you, as you tune in. Each of you has various catalysts for different things. Start with love and go from there.

Stop buying into what is being presented in your world. Allow the other forces to be what they are. Focus on being in the love energy and sharing love with your world. You might find this is not right for you. If so, something else will reveal itself to you. So, there is no need for worry or concern. We just offer this to you.