Thursday, April 11, 2013

Blessings to all of you who read these words. Be at peace and know that you are being prepared for this great change about to take place. You may feel more tired right now or you might feel guided to do something specific. Know this is part of this shifting taking place. Be open and focus on aligning to your soul’s destiny. Attune your mind, body and spirit to your soul and spirit. Let the energy form and take place in your life. Release the need to manipulate or control another. You never know what role they play in the moment. Your destinies are taking shape and soon you will find you are in a new world and in new ways. You don’t need to worry about this change or fear this change. You are being prepared for the new world right here and now.

Don’t continue to force things that are not working out for you. Learn to let go of what isn’t working and open to what needs to be done in a specific day and time. The old ways no longer work and the new ways are taking form.


The Godhead