Thursday, April 25, 2013

When you are creating, we ask that you move past fear. We have spoken of this before. Release your sense of urgency. Stop comparing yourself to others and what you think their abilities are and what you think that they can do. You have no competition. You are not here on the earth to measure up to anyone’s expectations. You are here to be with others just as you are. Know that you are more than good enough. If things are not working, it is because you are trying to fit into what others expect you to be and do instead of what is in alignment.

Don’t try and force others to be with you. Don’t try and force yourself into a job that feels off. Find instead the people who feel right to be around and the work that feels aligned with your soul. Something is out there to fit your skill set and abilities. When you do the work that is aligned, you will feel energized and charged. Seek your vocation and not just a job. You can do the day job, while you find yourself and your passion.


The Yahwehs