Monday, April 29, 2013

Speak your truth! When you do this, you are being aligned. You don’t do this so that others will change or have any specific reaction. You do this so that you are clear. You do this so that you may follow the destiny that is before you. Some people will fall away and others will come to be near you. This will help you clear away that which doesn’t belong with you. It is important to release what doesn’t belong so that you have space for what does belong. It is important for you to know who and what you are. We wish you to create more authentically.

As a caveat, there is nothing true about people who would wish harm on another or a group of people. There is nothing of love or light in that thought process. It might be how someone was conditioned to think but it is not truly in their soul. This is an ego being. We are giving you exercises to help you align with your soul and light being self. So, if that is not the path you wish to follow, be aware that you might not find these ponderings helpful. We do not seek to harm anyone but to help those who wish to grow in the light. Each of you must follow your own pathways.