Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A recurrent theme seems to be coming up about not saying yes to something that is wrong for you. People will try and talk you into something that is out of alignment for you. The people trying to talk you into doing something have their own agenda and it could be for a very loving reason or just their desire to have you fit their agenda. We each need to assess whether something is right for us and learn to say no to what is not right for us. You always have the choice of saying yes or no. Make sure you take some time to tap into your inner knowing and ask how you should respond to a request. When you say yes to things that are right for you and no to things not right for you, you will end up seeing more miracles and be more aligned. Don’t allow people to talk you into saying yes to something that isn’t right for you. You don’t need to please everyone. Life will work out much better for you, when you learn to check in and respond accordingly.

People will often ask me how to get on their path. By learning to only say yes to things that come through as a yes, you will find you end up more on your path. Look at what is aligned with your goals, dreams and desires and then ascertain whether you are making choices in alignment with your soul’s desires. You will see how your life starts to change pretty quickly. You will also notice that you have much more energy and enjoy your life better.