Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Arise fair children of the light. Let you light shine out into your world. Unite in fellowship, love and compassion. Be a shining beacon of light, healing and beneficence. Awaken what is within you. This is now the time for you to bring light out into your world. There is enough darkness spread by fear and limiting beliefs and behaviors. Fear nothing. Know that you will be magnificent in your process and your light. You have many gifts to offer now. Be of the light and you will never need to worry again. Allow others the freedom to be who and what they are. You are evolving from within and around your own light energy and forces. Your physical form is just a shell that you borrow to be among mankind. You offer your gifts and there will be those who accept them and others who want nothing to do with them. Fear not! For you will attract those who belong with you and among you. Light attracts much. Filter out what doesn't belong and you will be aware of what does belong.


The Noahs