Saturday, April 20, 2013

In your evolutionary process, you will notice how much changes in your lives and the way you exist. You go through different parts of your life where you hold many various forms of focus and attention. You intention changes and evolves. What is important to you will change and evolve. Your gifts and talents will change and evolve. Don’t mourn what you could do in the past and may feel that you can no longer do. Celebrate what you are able to do right here and how. The changes that you undergo are part of your own human growth. It allows you to connect with those you need to work with and be with right here and now. Never regret anything. You don’t know how it served another. You are not always the best judge of what is taking place and why it is taking place. If you are truly doing your best in each moment, that is perfect. You will have the chance to make another choice or decision in your future. Each moment holds new potential. If something doesn’t work out with one person, you have other people and opportunities to try again.

The main thing to realize is each moment is new. Do your best with each moment and all will work out just as it needs to. You are not here for everyone. Open to those you are meant to connect with and be with. Open to the work you are meant to do and be present. Create the life that is aligned with your soul and purpose. Start each day and end each night with aligning to your true path and purpose. See how your life evolves from there.