Friday, April 12, 2013

Ways are shifting and changing. What you have been taught and believe you know are not necessarily so. Labels and forms of doing things will shift and change. Now is a time of rebirth. Allow the new to form and learn to let go of the old ways. Don’t get bogged down in the judgments you have been taught. The new is truly forming. Many of you know that you may no longer do things as you have in the past. You are discovering what doesn’t work and awaiting the new ways to help you understand how to create in the new order of things.

Fear and love seem separated but the energies are from the same creation force. Love allows fear to exists because the choice has always been in human nature. You will find your ways are changing shortly. Know you always have choices. To be more aligned make choices from love and not fear. That will help you manifest the new order sooner rather than later.


Noah and the Light