Tuesday, May 21, 2013

When you receive information from your guides or some being who is answering your request, try trusting them and allowing them in. Very few beings show up because they wish to create mischief in your life. You can shield for anything you are concerned about by setting up the parameters for some being of light or higher vibration to come in and guide you or provide you with information. You have specific beings who are meant to be in your life to work with you. Trust them. Unless you are an alcoholic or drug user, you most likely have beings around you who are completely trust worthy. Lower vibrational beings tend to hang around those with dependency issues or fear issues. They are attracted to that energy. If you are coming from a love base and open, then you are in good hands. You will know the difference pretty quickly between those of light and those of ego base. You need to develop a trust base connection with those whom you are working with. You also need to follow through with the guidance that is provided to you and trust the outcome will be perfect.


The Yahwehs