Monday, May 27, 2013

I was reading a book on healing techniques and the person was saying it was okay to send healing to someone without checking in with the person and the spirit first. What do you think about that?

We think this is a violation of the person and a waste of energy. You are making an assumption that what you perceive as a medical problem is really a problem. You take physical pain and altered perceptions of health and feel the need to fix what you perceive as wrong. You are judging the person and the experience and feeling that you know best about what should be taking place for that individual. The healer who does this is actually manipulating energy that they don’t understand and using their ego to go into fix mode without first checking in. There are times where this will appear to work and other times where you are just wasting energy.

Each of you holds the power to heal and you can also do it for yourselves. First check in and see if it okay to heal what you perceive as being off. If you get a yes, you may proceed. If you get a no then trust the process that needs to take place but always check in first. When something shows up in your own body or life, tune in and ask what it is there for and how it serves you. You may ask what you need to do in the situation. Then, follow the guidance that you receive. There may be a very good purpose for whatever is taking place. So, don’t jump to judgment on whatever takes place. Seek instead to understand your part of the experience. Everything shows up for a certain reason. Know the reason before you attempt to change what you experience.