Friday, May 10, 2013

There is potential in each life form. Plants grow. They don’t try and grow, they do what is in their nature. Water flows because that is what it does in rivers and oceans. Humans are taught to be as society and their inner circle expect them to be. People are forced to be different from their nature, if it doesn’t conform to what they are expected to be. If you allow each being to be who and what they truly are and you just nurture them, you will find much grows and blossoms that otherwise would have remained dormant.

Each of you have an innate programming. You are programmed to be something wonderful. Not everyone will appreciate your gifts and talents. But, many will appreciate you for being just who and what you are. Instead of teaching hatred for what is not understood, teach love for the beauty that is within and ready to come and express itself. You will find where you belong.

Allow all to be just as it is meant to be. Learn to help encourage this. Cultivate the gifts and talents that are within each being. Not what you want them to possess but what they do possess.