Thursday, May 30, 2013

Energy! Feel it! Take it in! Be with it! Don’t try and change or adjust it. Allow it to be just as it is. Create resonance with it. You must first learn to be with something without any attachments to what it is and how it is. Know that all creations are of great value and serve potential. You know what feels right for you and you must respect that just because something doesn’t feel right for you, it doesn’t mean that it should not be allowed to be. As you build your life, you are looking for what feels right for you. You must step back and relearn those answers. Your world has taught you belief systems based on faulty values and perceptions. You have been taught to believe that God has created rules and values that you must adhere to. Know that God has mainly created love for all of mankind and the creatures of the earth. So, if you want to create from that foundation, you must do no harm to any life form. You must love and value all of life. Hold gratitude and appreciation for all that exists. You know what belongs in your own life by how it feels to you. You don’t know what belongs in the life of another, based on your own values. There is no need to harm another because they are different from you. If you need to hurt someone to prove how right you are, you are most likely not right. Always go back to basics and be with energy before judging it. Each life form finds what is right for it. If something isn’t right for you, simply step away from it. You don’t need to destroy what you don’t understand.


The Dacore