Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We ask you to look at different forms of addictions. When someone is holding onto their story or their form of dependency, you can do nothing about their experiences. When someone is holding onto victimization and stuck in their own process, without being able to see how they affect others, they cannot be helped. You can’t fix anyone or anything that needs to be as it is. You can be there to offer help for those who are willing to do the work. Each individual holds the key and power for how to heal their own lives. The help will be there, when they are ready to grow and move forward. You must recognize which stage they are in, when they seek help. Forcing help on someone in this process will never work. There is a stage where help will work but if you need to force it, you are not there. You may hold others accountable for their behaviors and actions. You may utilize cause and effect. You may find ways to better protect yourself in dealing with the ones in addictions. When someone is ready to change they will for themselves and not for others. The need to fix others is also a form of addiction. So, think about that the next time you take on people as a project to heal them or fix them. You are in a place of judgment with them. Pay attention to how that is working for you and them. If you can be neutral with them and just open to what your piece is, you may be quite effective. The reactions will let you know where you are in their process.

Many blessings!