Thursday, May 9, 2013

Placing people and experiences into boxes won’t work for you or anyone. We understand that you do this to make the world make sense for yourself but it doesn’t allow anything to be what it truly is. You will miss out on much potential. When you place something in a box or try to define it, you are limiting the person and the experience with them. This doesn’t truly allow you to experience the person or situation. This behavior also takes you away from the moment and being present in the moment. As you release your definitions and need to limit others, you will be surprised at what you encounter and experience. You will see the world wake up.

There is no real suffering. That is from a limiting perspective of what is taking place. You are locked into what appears to be. You may feel sad or have other feelings and emotions but you don’t see what is fully taking place on all realms and dimensions. You only perceive the human/physical world experience.


Noah and Yahweh