Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I was looking at some of the blessings that people will say to people. I finished a book and it talked about praying for suffering to end. When I tuned into that, I heard suffering is optional. Those who are in suffering are in that energy because they have chosen that work. If you pray for them to not be in suffering, you are taking away their work. A better prayer or invocation is for each being to have the life that they are meant to have. Another variation is for each being to have the experiences that are meant for them.

Some things happen because the soul has asked for the experience. Some things happen because we have become a society of people who are not present and paying attention to their inner guidance systems. It is not for any human to take away the experiences that someone needs to undergo. You might pray for someone to find their true path or to awaken but even that might alter what needs to really happen with that individual in the current moment.

Many look at their purpose as being attainment of enlightenment. When you work towards that, you are judging your experiences and path, without knowing what you are truly here to do and experience. It might be better to work more on getting the most of each experience that presents itself to you, instead of working at avoiding the energy around you and the life you are creating and processing. You only need to worry about the present moment and not the future or the past. The future will happen in its own time. The past is over and the present is where you are doing your current work.

In Light!

Yahweh and Ken