Sunday, May 12, 2013

I am writing this message a week after the violence at the Boston Marathon. I was asking my group about how do we deal with people who would do violence and look for ways to kill or maim others. I have read a lot of work where people say our job is to love everyone and I asked about loving those who only wish to harm others. Here is the response that came through:

You see violence and then your world spends a lot of energy explaining those who have created the violence. What you are doing is placing your energy in creating more violence and when you send love to those who have perpetuated the violence their energy takes the love energy and views it as support for their actions. The best thing you can do is be neutral with such people. If you get angry, you are adding to the violent energy. If you stay neutral you are not putting energy into their actions. Stop reading about them. Stop giving them any of your time and energy. You don’t want to create a sense of glorification of those behaviors. There are those who are in place to deal with such people and that is their life work. If you must do anything, send love to those in recovery and help those who wish your help with their healing process. Put your energy toward the heroes who put themselves in harms way to help others. They could use your encouragement and love.

We see how television and newspapers are focused on the wrong angle of the story. They focus on the violence and telling you about the person who would create such violence. This is an attempt to help people understand why someone did something but that is not what helps you heal. The more energy you give something, the more it expands. If you put your energy towards those who step in to truly help, then you are expanding that energy. Put your intention and attention into the areas that truly matter to you. This is another reason why we caution you about watching violent films and shows. Focus instead on what you wish to see expand. Violence and what you term as evil will exist but that doesn’t mean that your main focus is on them and their actions. There are many wonderful people out there doing really great work and compassionate work. The focus needs to be on telling the stories of those doing good in your world.