Saturday, May 25, 2013

There are some things that you can’t prepare for. Know this. Some events in time and space must just be experienced without any preconceived notions or desires to control outcomes. You need to be present, aware and open. You will know how to navigate what is now to be. You will also know where you fit into the scheme of whatever is taking place. If you have learned to communicate with your teams of beings, you will know what you need to do and how to handle whatever is coming up. If you haven’t worked and learned to communicate with your teams, never fear, help will still show up.

Remember the real focus of light is love. The real focus of what you refer to as heaven is love. All of the things that happen on the earth plane come from free will but each of you is loved and valued. Your physical bodies may be harmed but that is merely a shell. Men may hate other men but your soul does not hate anyone or anything. You must learn to reconnect with your soul and your soul’s journey. Never buy into the slight of hand that you perceive as your reality. We know we are focusing on this concept but it is valuable for you to really understand this right now. More than any other time in human existence this is a pivotal time of change. You are either awakening or remaining asleep. The choice is up to you.