Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The piece that keeps most people from their goals and real success is a separation of from real, unconditional love. Rediscovering this true love energy will help each of us attain our true purpose and reason for being. Coming from this energy, people will no longer be fixated on obtaining stuff and gaining control of others. People won’t need to overpower another or force them to believe the way that they think others should believe. We will love each other for just who we are and as we are. We will allow people to follow their own paths and no longer need to harm another being or group of beings. We will value all that is.

In truth, when we master love, we will obtain a life that is full and richer than anything else that we could imagine. When we connect to God, the Universe and the all that is from a place of love, we will be connected to the all that is and respect the all that is from love. There will no longer be a need to judge another or fix another. We can truly just love each other for who and what we are. What a world that will be. It is possible to create such a world. You work on mastering your own connection to love and then love will attract more love. There is only one pure love. What you perceive as variations comes from the judgments others make and perceive. When you get to the mastery level, you will understand this.