Saturday, May 11, 2013

We have given this message before. Be who and what you are. The only person responsible for you being who and what you are is you. Love those around you. You don’t have to like them or spend time with them. Just love them. Release any expectations and conditions for this love. Trust that they will find themselves and their answers. You are not there to fix anyone or anything. You are there to be who and what you are. You will move on, when the time is right to move on. The only perceived control you have over anyone or anything is over your own actions, beliefs and behaviors. Each being is responsible for themselves.

When you have children in your life, you are there to help them be exposed to experiences. When they find what they love and are passionate about, encourage them to cultivate their joy and passions. Help those you contact do what they do best. All of you learning to work together will create a beautiful world.