Monday, May 6, 2013

Mankind is not binary. Things are not black and white. Yet, many companies in your earth systems are trying to make it appear so. They take out customer service or reduce the needs of their customers to a check list. If your problem or concern doesn’t fit their check list, there is no help available for you. There is a trend to remove you from human contact. However, the human contact could take care of many issues much more quickly. Many law suites would never take place if you could work with each other from a compassionate place and connect with each other.

Human contact is what all of you need. You are not meant to live completely solitary lives. You are meant to engage with others and to be working as units. Few animals in existence do great just being solitary. Most species require help from others of their kind or from other beings on your planet. Know that companies that seem to remove direct contact with them will not be able to function on a successful level, even if it appears that they are doing so right now. Machines only are helpful, if they help create connection and not create disconnection. Yes there are times where many of you need space and privacy. But, you can’t do this indefinitely.

Many systems are changing. We urge you to focus on how to be more loving and bring more love into the world to help usher these changes in.