Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Now, this moment, what comes to mind? What are you being asked to do? Are you working at making up work that doesn’t exist? Are you seeking your purpose and way of being in the world? Is this conditioning working for you? How do you feel with this way of being? Notice that we are asking you to release the old ways of being and doing. We are helping you restructure and build from the ground level. Your foundations are changing. Witness how many of your earth struggles to make ends meet or work. People are not considered of value, if they don’t measure up to what their society says that they should be doing every moment of every day. We submit that there are other ways of being in your world and on your earth plane. You will still do what is necessary to feed yourselves and honor your commitments. You will just be making different commitments that are aligned with your soul’s purpose of being in this plane of existence right here and now. The guidance is around you and within you to help you navigate this new way of being and existing. Really learn to let go of the old ways and now embrace the new. You will know what is being asked of you and when it is being asked of you.

Many Blessings!