Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Know us and allow us in! We make special efforts for those of you who are working at learning how to work with your teams but we expect those of you who have been working with your groups for a while to really get the hang of working with other beings and other worlds. There are times to question and argue and times to just take the information and go with it. We get tired of having to constantly prove ourselves to you, when the timing is vital. If something isn’t important, it is fine to step back and question. This is not an ego energy request. We are trying to help you move through some things that will be coming in quickly and will need you to just follow what is coming through. We want you to feel secure in who is working with you but we also want you to do the work you are meant to do and perform.

Use the analogy of a parent who is trying to prevent their child from being harmed by oncoming danger. You are in a physical world that holds dangers. Your spirit is never in danger. We are trying to help on the physical level as well as the mission level. So, spend the quiet times of your life building up your trust in those who provide information for you. Then, when you received guidance or directions follow them.