Tuesday, May 28, 2013

When humans experience shifts and changes, they often try and access what they were utilizing before the changes. This is not allowing the changes to take place. You must learn to let go of what you think you know from your past. You must release the old ways and completely open up to the new ways. If everything is not in place, you will find a sense of frustration trying to do what you did in the past. Bring your awareness and focus on the guidance you are receiving right now. Don’t worry about what you did in the past or what you will be doing in the future. Be present and open to doing what needs to be done right now. This all goes to the concept of trust. Allow yourself to be open to something completely new and different. The struggle and sense of distress is what often holds humans back. When you let go and allow God to work with you, you will always find a happy ending and experience. The miracles are there, you just need to be present and allow them to show up in their own time and way.