Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You will know when the time is right for different things and parts of your life. You won’t need to ask, is this right for me? Is this the right time? You will know it is right. There will be signs and pieces that help you understand that the timing is right. Your senses will speak to you in various ways. If you need someone to confirm that a person is right for you, you most likely have some doubts and the answer is most likely no. Many times you might have a lesson to learn with someone but that doesn’t mean it will be a long term experience. Many people get tripped up when they try to read into things and make something what they want it to be instead of what it truly is. Start allowing things to be what they truly are. Don’t pretend something isn’t taking place that is. Don’t make excuses for others or how they treat you or others. Allow each person to take responsibility for what they are creating. You will have enough to do taking care of your own masterpiece creations.