Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blessed Brothers and Sisters,

Know that we honor each of you for the specific work you have chosen to partake in. Your road is not always easy because of the way you are looked at or perceived. There may be few who understand you and will walk the path with you. You may feel isolated at times or feel like the world is falling around you. Know you are never alone. You may not have found your people on the current planet but there are those in other realms who will understand you and totally support your journey.

If you are meant to be a light worker, you are most likely not there to hang out with a community that gets you. Even within the communities that you find or establish, there will be those not understood because their specific form of work will not comply with what others are doing. You must each develop your own strength and conviction and perform the work you are assigned to do. You are not on the earth for popularity contests. In fact, most of the past light beings we have sent on the earth left your plane of existence in a painful manner. We are trying to help you avoid that fate but we also understand how difficult the experiences may be for each of you. Follow your guidance and it will work out as it should work out.