Friday, November 9, 2012

I was reading something in September that was talking about how we need the dark and the light. My guides came in with their information on this.

We would agree that you need both the dark and the light. One cannot exist without the other but we do not see dark as evil and light as good. There is a balance within all things. You have the contrast in all that is. When we ask you to bring light into the world, it is because there is a lack of balance. People spend too much time in the dark and they need to see that there is much beyond what they think that they know. It is about each of you being the energy you are meant to be. Be who and what you are. That is perfect for whatever your life is supposed to be. One way is not better than the other. There is a whole spectrum of feelings and emotions and you are allowed to explore what you need to explore. Know that things are changing and shifting and you need to be able to flow with these changes and shifts.