Thursday, November 15, 2012

We have specific messages and information for each of you, to help you on your path. Sometimes, we are just helping you see what you need to see to release someone from your life. You are being shown parts of individuals that might not work with where your life is headed. You will need to release the people and energy that holds you back form moving forward. If it is time to purge people from your life, you must be willing to let them go. Others will come in to take their place. The messages may take you to a completely different path that will help you learn or move you forward. You never know what the next step will lead you to. Be brave and really assess what will move you forward. When you release someone or something that is holding you back, you will feel a sense of relief. If you are empathic, you might have to wait for the sense of relief to take place after the other person stops obsessing about you. People often don’t realize what they are doing to others. So, this obsession of what happened is not usually out of malice.

The Godhead