Saturday, November 24, 2012

Blessed be to you! Thank you for this amazing day! Thank you for my world and life and all those who come and go in my life! Thank you for all that I am privileged to know and learn! Thank you for all of my senses! Thank you for my health! Thank you for the food I was privileged to eat today! Thank you for this remarkable moment in time! Thank you for weather and the environment! Thank you for the beautiful tapestry of life that you have woven me into.

All of these are forms of blessings! When you speak gratitude from your heart, you are communicating to God more fully than any prayer that you can read in the Bible or any “holy” book. Look at your life and in your heart and express your true feelings! When things are hectic, take a moment a look for something that you value and appreciate. Bless that moment! Your life will completely change as a result of this offering to the world and Universe.