Friday, November 23, 2012

When you are looking at people, do you ever wonder what their life is like? You see images or moments in their life. What do you experience in those moments? What got them to where they are? What do you think their world is like behind closed doors? What you are doing in these moments is making assumptions on appearances or limited scopes. You are judging them as being above you or below you. You may be thinking there but for the grace of God go I. You may be jealous. But in truth, you know very little about that person. You don’t know how they are truly experiencing their life and the world. Someone may appear to have very little but really have much. Someone may appear to have much but in truth have very little. All you know is the story that you have made up based on appearances or a limited scope of an encounter.

We have always taught to not judge by appearances. What you see is not always what is taking place. You only see a piece. We know we have spoken of judgments of others in the past few days. This is an important lesson. Experiences make up the person but those experiences don’t tell you the whole story. How someone presents themselves is part of their story, but it doesn’t tell you the fullness of who someone is. Sometimes, the pieces come together and other times, they are unknown to you. There is no need to judge either moment. It always works out just as it needs to. Each creates the pieces of their life that they need on some level.


The All That Is