Thursday, November 29, 2012

Work on the lessons before you before you rush off to create new lessons. Most people are constantly trying to move onto the next lesson. Instead, spend time with what is showing up in your life. Understand what it means and how it affects you. It helps you build your foundation. If you are in doubt, ask what you should be aware of, when something shows up. As you learn lessons, new lessons will present themselves to you. Even if you don’t like how something appears, it is usually a result of something that you requested.

This doesn’t mean that you stay in abusive relationships or that you allow someone to physically or mentally harm you. Your lesson in this piece might be to walk away and stop allowing yourself to be a victim or to allow yourself to be out of alignment with your power. All lessons that show up will benefit you in some way or form. Knowing when to release something or walk away from something is a powerful lesson. Learning to release control over everything is a powerful lesson. You don’t know what the lesson is, until you open up to it. Once you have learned it, you will easily move on.