Sunday, November 11, 2012

I had some questions come up that were related to energy. One question that came up, is it appropriate to control energy? You are not here on the earth to order anything into your service. You may enlist energy to assist you or to help you manifest something that you desire. But the idea that you know what really needs to take place and how it must form is an ego energy. Energy will form around your requests and intentions but the energy may look quite differently from what you are expecting. Humans tend to view things from a small perspective and they only see limited outcomes. There is much more in heaven and earth than mankind realizes. Be open so that the energy may form something even more extraordinary. All that exists, prefers to be asked to help in a respectful manner.

The second question that came up, is energy waiting to be ordered to conform to a desire? Energy exists. So, it is ready to form into thoughts or actions. It is not waiting to be ordered about. It is waiting to be put into the equation beyond an ego command. All things are living and palpable. You can feel energy and you feel it aligning into a form. Humans have much more power than they realize. Any manifestation will be better, if you can enlist gratitude for what you have and what you desire. Much is in the works right now. You are part of this great plan. Be open and ready for what is now to come.

Another piece that was raised was if animals have a soul. All that is alive has a form of a soul. Just because the energy is different from your own life force doesn’t mean it is soulless. You must learn to see beyond your limited scope and realize what is before you. Respect for all that is becomes more and more important in your evolutionary paths.

Why do different channels pick up such different answers to things? You are all on different pathways. Energies that come through to help you are also on different pathways. What is channeled will be aligned with the being who is being channeled through. Those who come to hear and work with a specific being are also drawn to beings who bring forth energy that they can relate to. Follow the path and journey that is right for you. Also recognize that just because an answer comes through, doesn’t mean it is the only answer or perspective. Many things are mutable.