Friday, November 30, 2012

You often bargain with God for a specific result or occurrence. Then, when it occurs, you wonder why me? You focus on your fears and apprehensions. Then, when they occur you go around telling everyone that you knew that would happen. If you tell people things like: you are unwanted and don’t have any friends, why would you think that healthy people would want to be with you? If you think people are out to get you, you will often manifest people who are out to get you or your mind will transform a perfectly wonderful person into someone who is out to get you.

You can easily shift this by focusing on very positive messages about yourself and to yourself. You can look at what you have and be grateful. You can rewrite your story to how wonderful things come to you and happen in your life daily and in all moments. Even if something is challenging, this energy will help you navigate that moment. It will also shorten the challenging moments. You will be aware that you have help in each and every moment so the challenges will quickly shift to seeing how to navigate and be with what needs to take place. You won’t be judging it and you will just go through the experiences easily and effortlessly.

Pay attention to your thoughts and what you put out there. Then, start thinking about how you would like to change your reality. You hold the keys to your true power.