Sunday, November 4, 2012

There is no winning or losing in life. It is all about experiences and your processes of learning and growing. Mankind fights battles all of the time. Mankind looks at struggles and wears its wounds with great pride. When you leave this existence, you no longer hold onto that aspect of your life. You are able to see beyond the ways of thinking that are being perpetuated in your human forms. You can choose to release those forms of thoughts right now. It will open you up to many new ways of experiencing the physical forms you possess.

Learn to release your judgments of good or bad in all that you do and are. Pay attention to the experiences and how they give you potential to grow. Cleary society has need of some rules to help protect society from those who are out of control and take pleasure in harming others. There are those who will take on the work of containing those who try to harm others. All you can do is contain this energy. That work is not the work for the majority of you. We are speaking to those of you who endeavor to do good work and be compassionate. You must each open to your own work. There is nothing to fear on any level. You are all well loved and the fear energy is an illusion created to make you all feel small. You are not small and never have been. It is time for the model of love and respect to come forth and help each create new foundations. As more and more of you take on this model of being authentic, you will notice that your world starts to evolve faster.