Friday, November 16, 2012

In our desire to help you each live a more extraordinary life, we have thought about ways to help you. Never project thoughts on anyone that is about anger or frustration. We know that you might feel this often but when you put this energy out into the world, you are sending them daggers. It might take some practice to shift your feelings. Even if you feel something is off with someone or your experience with them, they have their own path and lessons to learn, as do you. You may need to learn to process your experiences differently. Look at each moment with someone as the only moment with them. How would you want to end the conversation or time with them? You don’t need to like everyone, but you don’t need to send them ill wishes of harm either.

Think about what you are putting out into the world. You are not responsible for what others are doing or how they perceive you. You must learn to put out a clear focus on what you wish to project into the world. If your desire is to do good, start with putting out more loving thoughts and trusting that each person will have the perfect life that is for them. Never get bogged down with how things appear. You get to work on creating your own life. Which is pretty amazing, when you come to think about it. Each of you get to create your own lessons and experiences.

Aaron and Isha