Friday, November 2, 2012

I have been writing some pieces which refer to living in an intuitive way and I thought I would write a piece to help people understand how to do that.

To live intuitively, you must be open to the guidance that is around you. This guidance will come through to you in various senses. This guidance must also be invited in. Usually, the first way to receive the information comes through your primary way of learning. If you are visual, you will see images or pictures in your mind or outside of you. If you are auditory, you will hear messages, songs, words. You might feel information and it translates to mean things to you. You might just know something and not know why you know it. You might feel answers in your body. When you are living with this guidance, you are trusting what you pick up and not trying to control it or second guess it. You go with what comes through. Over time you learn to trust the messages and to better interpret them.

Living intuitively is not for everyone. If you need to be in control of your life or you need to work through things mentally, you will find this a difficult way of existing. Those who are connected to the energy flow around them will find this easier to follow. This information is mainly to help people get started on following their intuitive path, if they feel that is right for them. There is a lot of trust and faith required for this path.

Everyone receives information differently. Some do hear and see the information clearly and others receive the information in more subtle ways. There is no right or wrong way to receive the information. You just need to be open and not attached to specific outcomes and responses. You also need to be aware of how the information is being transmitted to and through you.