Monday, November 12, 2012

Today, I would like to pose a question to each of you. What inspires you? Too many people focus on ways to take offense or look for ways that someone is out to get them. Their energy goes into negatives. What would it be like if you instead spent your energy in what inspires you and makes you feel amazing? My challenge to each of you and myself is to start shifting all of that energy into only what inspires. Start looking for pieces of your day and moments in your thoughts that make you feel amazing and help you move into something different that charges you. Look for ways to make your lives full of inspiration. Focus on expanding whatever inspires you. See how your lives start to really take off and expand. I expect great things from all of you!

You are all amazing and wonderful beings who were created for something special. Each of you will be doing something completely unique to you. I look forward to hearing about the wonderful results that you have.