Monday, July 23, 2012

You are aware that changes are happening right now. You see many professing the way things need to be. We do not see your world that way. We see many choices and we see that many of you are making your individual choices. Some of you are following the pack and doing what you are told to do. Some of you are bucking your systems and you are purposefully doing opposite of what you are told. We would say to use your own reasoning to see what is best for you. Spend time with the energies presenting themselves to you and see what is the best choice for you. Don’t follow or be contrary based on what you believe will either please another or anger another.

You are all programmed for what is right for you. Assess the choices and know it is not one or the other. There are many other alternative ways of being and doing on your planet. There are many choices that are neither right or wrong. The choices are simply choices. Assess your motivation and reason for making the decisions that you make. Be more conscious and aware of what you are doing.