Monday, July 2, 2012

Be who and what you are. Follow what is organically within you. You are not here to be another being or to allow another being to make you small or lesser. You each have your own wisdom, knowledge and ways of being. You were created as such. You have picked families that have helped to educate you and teach you what they think they know. You then get to frame what works for you and what doesn’t You will know how to progress. Your path is not meant to fit the beliefs of others. You will attract those who belong with you. Your ways are evolving organically.

When you are ready to grow or change, you will naturally and at the perfect timing. You are not here to make another’s ways work for you. You are not here to conform. There are existences where you are part of the all that is. This is not one of those incarnations. Your planet evolves when you each add your own individual gifts out into the world. You are team players when you bring your best selves into the equation. Know this.