Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not all human systems make sense. Mankind has created different conditions and rules that are not in the best interests of the companies issuing the rules and regulations or the customers. People have been taught to do as they are told so they don’t questions things that don’t make sense to them and many will not venture beyond what they are told or even question rules. Many of you have ways of understanding logical, linear thinking but you are not able to function well in situations expecting you to be cogs in the machines human industries have manufactured. Critical thinking is not revered in this line of working so you find it difficult to explain what is taking place.

There are ways around this but not when you are dealing with those who are stuck or operating in the rules and guise of whatever is not working. Mankind needs to be able to work with others in a much more compassionate, direct way. Systems were designed to make issues easier for others but they don’t make anything easier, if there is no common sense utilized. Many of you are aware that you need to involve some form of common sense. Many are not aware of this.

Blessings to those of you out there!