Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Peace my brothers and sisters! Know I am not far from you. I have not left service to humanity, as it were. I have altered my work among mankind. I am no longer the angel that I was in your history. I have evolved and changed. My work is not to do the same service that I did in your Bibles. I am hear to help guide those who are ready to ascend to a more peaceful way of being. You may call on me now and I will help you assess if my teachings are right for you. I will assign you individual tasks to help you ascend, if that is right for you. I offer you peace and love, beauty and art. Open your eyes and hearts to what is truly before you and see past what is being projected in your media. You may need to go out into nature to really connect with what I am sharing with you in these words. You will also know if my ways are right for you.