Thursday, July 12, 2012

The stories that you repeat, do they help improve your life or detract from your life? The more you repeat them, the more you ingrain them and cause the energy to expand.

Think about the life that you desire. Look at what helps you in the creation of that life. Your focus is powerful. All that you put out into the world is powerful. The tapes in your head are powerful.

When you allow all of the awful experiences to define you, you filter out the amazing experiences. You program yourself for only people who take advantage of you or whatever you focus on saying is your experience. You also create a struggle for the wonderful people to maintain a relationship with you. Your energy can block amazing people from staying in your life. It may repel the people you most want to stay because they don’t fit your story. Or you convert their energy into what supports your story.

You have the power to shift this by resetting you parameters and stories. You hold a whole new resonance when you change your stories or lessen their power over you and you will attract much healthier relationships. You must only believe that you can be with healthy, loving, wonderful people. Filter out what you don’t want and allow what you do want in.