Wednesday, July 4, 2012

In the United States this day is representative of a day that led to freedom from a form of perceived tyranny. Mankind has looked for ways to free the many from those who would suppress them. Many around the world resort to violence as a way of freeing themselves from those of violence. You watch this around your globe right now. Many beings are rising up against dictators and those who would subject their people to violence.

Know there is a day that is coming soon, where mankind will no longer live in such violent regimes. We may understand how it takes some violent act of aggression to spark this change but learn to only use violence as a last resort and only use the amount that is needed to open the door for freedom and respect. Many are too willing to jump to violence and keep it going. Teaching each successive generation to be violent is not serving humanity or the earth. Your world is asking for respectful change and growth right now.


The Godhead