Sunday, July 15, 2012

When you are needing help with creating something or with something showing up in your life, ask for help. Allow the appropriate help to show up and reveal itself to you. Don’t try and convolute or control the help or how it needs to come through. Allow the help to be just what it needs to be. You will get an immediate answer to your request. Where humans get caught up is in making an invocation for help and then trying to tell us how to work with you or who needs to come through and work with you. That is your ego mind trying to tell us what to do. You are assuming you already have your answer. If you had your answer or knew what to do, you would not be asking for our help.

Another problem that often arises is that you make a request and then start limiting either how we may help you or what you really want. At that point, you are getting in your way. Allow us to help you without giving us chains and preventing us from helping you. We know how to do our jobs and we also know who and what is most appropriate to help you.


Master of the Light