Sunday, July 1, 2012

When someone speaks to you about enlightenment or a path and then denigrates others who are on another path, they are not coming from a place of enlightenment. When someone is focused on showing you the true way, they are not on a journey you need to accompany them on. There are many ways and many paths. All are valid. Enlightened beings or pure beings will never need to profess their enlightenment or purity. They are what they are. There is no need to convince anyone that you are what you are. By being yourself, the energy is evident. People are not always projecting what they think they are projecting. They may be projecting a completely different energy. Pay attention to when you feel a disconnect with people who need to profess who and what they are. Does it feel aligned and authentic?

Start paying attention to what people say and express and what they truly are. When someone is truly aligned, you will know it. They also don’t need to work at being what they are. They just are that energy.


The Godhead