Thursday, August 23, 2012

When we give you an assignment or task, simply do that assignment or task. Most of the time we give this assignment or task and humans try to make it into something else. Don’t try and read into the assignment. Don’t try and justify what you are getting. Just do it.

Make things easy. There is no need to make a production out of whatever we give you. You don’t need to find an elaborate way of doing what is asked of you. You don’t need to garner the attention of others. Just do what is asked of you.

We are often among you and no one knows we are there. Those who are training to be light workers will often be presented with what needs to happen and then they feel the need to make sure that others know what they are doing. You may simply do what is asked without making sure others know what you are asked to do. Once you complete one assignment, you will be given another assignment. This is what you are here for on the earth. This work is in your make up and not so that you will attain glory. Simply do what you are asked to do without trying to bring others along with you. Follow your own path and destiny and allow others to do the same for themselves.